Our first meeting was on Friday, September 11 – most of the meeting was taken up by introductions – both among people and of the structure of the workshop.

Mark Sample (digital studies), Kristen Eshelman (ITS), Anelise Hanson Shrout (digital studies) and Katie Wilkes (ITS) introduced themselves – all are on hand in various capacities to answer questions about the nuts and bolts of Domains.

We also talked about what the learning communities are going to do –

  • Exploring how  total and free access to online domains change teaching, learning, and research in a liberal arts environment.
  • Exploring what happens when a community asks the same questions together, and repeatedly, over the course of the semester?
  • Teaching with Domains (dialogic, constructive projects, galleries, portfolios)
  • Connecting Domains to Research
  • Building a Digital Identity

We discussed the formation of a number of affinity groups of 3-4 people (once your group is settled and has a topic, please add it to the sheet here) (if you weren’t able to make the meeting, feel free to explore the groups and join one that suits you!):

  • Tinker/play with the tools that are least commonly used
  • Thinking about Domains as part of a major requirement
  • Managing digital identities
  • Intellectual property
  • Scalar
  • Project based classes
  • ePortfolios (student work online)
  • Connecting Davidson Domains to faculty research
  • Pedagogy
  • Potential for using Davidson Domains to do research
  • Potential for using Davidson Domains to present research
  • Explorers

Some things to think about for our small group meetings:

  • What are the bottlenecks for you and/or your students for working with Davidson Domains?  Bottlenecks may be technical, procedural, affective or disciplinary.
  • How do you react to the premise that representing knowledge to authentic audiences is deeply connected to the production of knowledge?  How do we prove this?  What is your relationship to it?

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